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Deck Refinishing

Multiple decks after being washed

Why staining your deck is a smart idea

Keeping the wood of your decks, patios, and gazebos from weathering is a major step in protecting your outdoor investments.

Applying high quality, penetrating stain protects the wood from UV rays, water, ice, and other elements.  It will reduce warping and cracking, while at the same time maintaining the beauty of a natural wood tone.

Routine maintenance, which includes periodic cleaning and staining, will be paid back in beauty and longevity of you investment.

Our Process:

Step 1: The first stage of your staining project is to prepare the wood for stain. Our crew assesses what cleaners and cleaning techniques will be best for your deck. We will then clean the deck using a power washer and bio-friendly cleaners, following up with a neutralizing and brightening agent.

Step 2: After the cleaning is done, the wood will need to dry; this stage usually lasts several days. We use an electronic moisture meter to determine if it has dried sufficiently.

Step 3: Once we have determined the wood to be dry enough, our crew applies a quality stain to your deck.  When applicable, we use protective equipment to avoid getting the stain on nearby surfaces.

Deck that has been power washed
Gazebo that has been power washed

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