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House Wash

Washing the siding on your house every 3 to 5 years keeps it looking great. Dust and airborne pollutants form a film on your siding that may barely be noticed at first, but it often begins the process of unsightly growth of fungi. Algae and mildew find support for growth in that dust film and begin to spread. The more it grows, the faster it grows.

Algae is the green substance you might see in shaded areas and is easily removed in the washing process. Mildew is black and usually looks like a rash of small spots. When the spots are scattered they may barely be noticed, but as it grows and the spots concentrate, they become much more visible.

Our house wash cleaning solution is sprayed on the siding to emulsify the dirt and contaminants which can then be washed off. It also will kill the mold and algae and leave the siding clean and free of spores

An occasional problem on siding is small raised black spots the size of a pin head sprinkled across the siding. They are usually concentrated in areas around flower beds and landscaping with mulch. It’s called Artillery Fungus and originates from the mulch. It is not removed with power washing and will not come off in the washing process. For more information, click here.


  • A. Yes, a little water may get behind the siding, and no, that should not damage the interior. A properly constructed house has a house wrap film behind the siding that is the final barrier against moisture.

    Vinyl siding is constructed with small weep holes on the bottom edge to allow moisture behind the siding to ‘weep’ to the outside. If normal storms or driving rain do not cause a problem, then there should not be a problem with washing the siding. However, if there is a known problem spot around a window or door, please let us know before washing to avoid that spot.

  • A. No, it does not prevent future growth. It kills and removes existing growth and spores, leaving the surface clean, but there is no residual protection from re growth. However, upon request, and for additional pricing, we offer to apply a product that will substantially reduce the chance of re-growth.


Side of house with dirt and mold on it
Dirty stone garage
Side of brown house that is dirty
Siding on a house that is dirty


Side of house that has been cleaned
A washed stone garage
House that has just been washed
House siding that has just been cleaned

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